Our Mission

Our mission is simple. We empower you to grow your business by providing a consistent supply of qualified leads and appointments.

Bring an end to the ‘feast and famine’ that so many experience. One month you have plenty of prospects and the next you don’t have no idea where your next sale is coming from.

We’ve developed razor sharp AI managed by our own marketing experts that means you’ll have a constant supply of perfect prospects for your business.

 Imagine a ‘Sausage Machine’. ‘A sausage machine is where you are able to put raw material in at one end, turn a handle (or follow a process) and your sausages (sales) come out the other end’. That’s exactly what the Lean Green Lead Machine does for your business.

 LinkedIn has over 700 million business focussed members. It has been voted the most trusted network on the internet by Business Insider. The Lean Green Lead Machine harnesses the power of technology to automate the process of connecting, engaging and nurturing your target market, hundreds of times faster than a human being. We free up your time so you can sell to all your new prospects!



      How I Transformed My Advisor Business in 10 Days?


How Do We Supercharge Your Prospecting

Automate Your LinkedIn Connections & Sales Messages.

• Automated connections with your target audience.
• Sends a sequence of messages to nurture your new contacts.
• Achieves in minutes what it would take a human 20 hours to do.

Simple To Set Up Messaging Campaigns.

• Schedule sales messages to go out to contacts – Then sit back and await inbound.
• Cloud based so no programming issues – Done for you.
• Scale-able – ideal for a single IFA or add multiple LinkedIn accounts for larger firms.

Easy To Scale Up – Grow your business.

• Leads Dashboard – Manage multiple LinkedIn accounts easily managed.
• Monitor lead campaign performance at a glance.
• Complete chat history at your fingertips.


Our Clients Love Us Here’s Why

Sends LinkedIn Connection Requests To Your Perfect Prospects.

Send connection request on LinkedIn from Sales Navigator, Business Plus using spreadsheet or list of LinkedIn URLs of your target leads. The system automatically withdraws pending requests which are older than 3 weeks. This can run along with Free Inmail campaigns.

Send Sequences of Messages to Your 1st Connections.

Our software will find newly added first degree leads and send them a custom welcome message. Then send follow-up messages in series. The system stops messages after a lead replies. All the replies can be viewed on your dashboard. You can run multiple sequence campaigns to maximise your lead generation.

Target Key LinkedIn Group Members.

Send message requests to members of LinkedIn Groups. It’s a good alternative to overcome the LinkedIn connect Invitation limits. Our system can easily filter out the relevant group members to message. You can send up to 30 messages a day.

Send Free Inmails To Open Profiles.

There are literally thousands of people on LinkedIn who can be messaged even without connecting. These are known as Open profiles. The Lean Green Lead Machine automatically filters out Leads which have open profiles and sends them a Free Inmail with a subject line and message. ‘’The average InMail has a 10-25 percent response rate. Credit where credit is due, that blows your average email out of the water.’’ (Source: Recruiter.com).