Setup Account

You don’t need any help for setting up and registering multiple accounts, You can self-register and set up as many accounts as you want just by following 3 steps.

Add campaign

You can add drip campaigns within minutes for sending messages to your target audience or leads by providing a LinkedIn search URL or a CSV file. You can set up as many follow-up messages as you want and also set up a time gap between every message to be sent.

Data analysis of Campaigns

Dashboard allows you to analyse your performance and shows you the demographic details of the leads that replied, it will help you to easily set up your target audience for your campaign and also shows you the number of connection requests sent and accepted.

Add list to existing campaigns

Lean Green Lead Machine allows you to provide details of the target audience by uploading a list of your leads in a CSV file or adding a LinkedIn search URL to an active campaign. You don’t need to pause campaigns if you wish to make some changes to the list.

View replies from leads

You don’t have to go to your LinkedIn account for tracking conversations or replies from your leads. Lean Green Lead Machine has made it easier. You can view the inboxes of your different LinkedIn accounts in one place, It also shows you the details of your leads like LinkedIn URL, designation, and much more.

Reply to your LinkedIn leads from the dashboard

You don’t need to go to your LinkedIn account to reply. You can view and reply to all the conversations in any of your LinkedIn accounts from the Lean Green Lead Machine dashboard. Makes it easier to manage replying to leads from multiple LinkedIn accounts.

Apply Tags to LinkedIn Leads that Reply

Keep a track of actions to be taken on leads that reply on LinkedIn. With Lean Green Lead Machine Dashboard you can easily create and apply tags on your business leads to categorize them or mark their current status of the sales cycle.

Filter out your leads

You can easily search leads that responded by their name, read/unread status, campaign name, and tags with-in the dashboard. It saves your time and makes searching and tracking leads easier.

Download Data

You can select a date range for which you wish to download the data. Your downloaded data excel sheet has all the information about your leads. It helps in keeping a record of your target leads.

Data Enrichment & CRM tools Integration

Lean Green Lead Machine is integrated with numerous API based Data Enrichment and CRM tools. Just enter your API key and you can easily integrate your CRM tool with our Dashboard. With Lean Green Lead Machine you can also enrich your leads by integrating with various 3rd party Enrichment APIs like Lusha , Clearbit , etc