Frequently Asked Questions

LinkedIn is one of the most reliable and accurate sources of Information about corporate individuals. Whether its about targeting people in certain geography or even a limited area like (Within 15 kms) it can be easily done on LinkedIn. LinkedIn gives us vital information that helps us narrow down to decision makers with-in companies. With LinkedIn you can handpick companies you wish to target or segregate them by their employee strength. With Lean Green Lead Machine campaigns the cost of lead acquisition varies from USD 3 to USD 8 per lead depending on the product you are selling and targeted audience. With accuracy of data and low cost of acquisition using LinkedIn definitely should be part of your marketing strategy.

Yes, free accounts are limited in there searches therefore you need either a Business Plus account or a Sales Navigator account. Sales Navigator has more filters and better suited for targeting decision makers with-in companies.

The Dashboard allows you to easily Setup a LinkedIn account, Create and Update your existing campaigns and provide details of your target audience. It gives you all the data related to your campaigns like performance, details of Leads and all their Replies in one place.

No. Clients are best suited at handling responses. No one knows a product or service better than the company selling it!

Details of your target audience can be submitted in the form of a unique search URL which is generated after your enter details in filter on LinkedIn. For example: Geography, Industry, Title etc. This software can also work with a specific list which can be uploaded from a csv or excel file.

Yes, you can use your dashboard to get your LinkedIn account verified, setup campaigns and target audience for your accounts and they will generate leads simultaneously for you.

You initially subscribe for 12 months. However, you have a no quibble 30 day money back guarantee if you are not completely happy with your results. We are confident that you will want to continue using the Lean Green Lead Machine for many years to come!